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Walt had a different important group of people to move on with, as did the others. Through chance, free will and paradox-correcting Magic Paint, a second Purgatorial Splat was created by these people. The Smoke is bound to the Island, not connected to it. QUESTION 8: What do you have to say about me not liking those answers? What's with all the hieroglyphics underneath the Temple? They're an Island game. It is a being as well as a place. Although, for even more on Walt, we can thankfully watch this extra epilogue from the Season 6 DVD: In the epilogue, Ben Linus convinces Walt to escape Santa Rosa Mental Hospital in order to return to the Island. It's a pool of Magic Water from the Source, and it can bring people back to life. Unfortunately, Walt's father was a bit of a humongous wang who ended up murdering two people and ripping Walt away from the Island; away from his destiny. Suffice to say, we as viewers are meant to say 'OK, fair enough'. Who are these people? When Jacob drank the water, it imbued him with the power of the Island. Jack needed those extra pushes in the Sideways world, because he was so far away from it. Because it's a Magic Island, and its survival depends on very few people coming to and knowing about it. However, Ben let him and Michael (Harold Perrineau) leave the island (mainly because Malcolm David Kelley had aged rather quickly), and his special abilities were never explained. OK, so it you google "unanswered questions of Lost" you'll come upon many, many, MANY articles on not just the unanswered questions, but "Lost apologists" trying to answer them. Fans have debated that the issues occurred after The Incident in 1977, as this occurred after Miles and Ethan were born on the island. As Ben once said, "All those listssssssss." So what happened to Jack in the finale? It needs Jack to go back. One thing is for certain — May 23 will be a historic day for “Lost” fans. QUESTION BONUS: What WAS The Smoke Monster? "Yeah. The pilot wasn't a Candidate, and the Monster was a kill-y kind of monster, so it made an example of the pilot. Because she made a choice. Apparently a lot of people think that the Island was purgatory and everyone was dead the whole time. However, by the time 'The End' aired in May 2010, there were still a large number of unsolved mysteries. Everything that happened, happened. That's the Island. A man who worked for Widmore. That's what we saw, so that's the deal with him, right? Who built that thing? Since the beginning, the central argument in the show was about Science vs. To him, it looked like they died. I don't know, actually. Don't open the Hatch, Mr. Locke. But for every mystery that genuinely doesn’t matter (some people actually think that sudden storms on a tropical island qualify as a ‘mystery’), there are plenty of unanswered questions that actually deserve to be resolved… and here they are: The Top Ten Questions Lost Never Answered. How does the electromagnetic thing send Desmond to the afterlife and back? Damon Lindelof once said that the real answer was meant to be revealed in season six, but that some of those in the outrigger "had been killed off" by then. Why is it that all of our rules, theories, maxims, and models all have an exception? I have your answers. The Incident continued, but eventually enough construction equipment got sucked down and plugged the hole. ... at the list to determine both how far we’ve come and how far we have to go until some of the show’s most burning questions are answered. In the scheme of the universe, of which the Island seems to play a pivotal role, these numbers are important in a deeper way than humans can understand. I feel that it's important to mention the Electromagnetic Time Magic one more time. What's my point? I love my daughter. Alex and Aaron were born successfully as their mothers came from the outside. However, Ben was as surprised as anyone when an actual magical force made itself known. What is the deal with Kate and that horse? The likely cause for this false theory is that over the credits of the finale, ABC chose to show images of the crashed plane in silence, with no characters around. - Why did Radzisnky make the blast door map and shoot himself? So if Existence and the Sideways World are two splatters of paint, then the Island is the paint brush. Rousseau was right: The black smoke IS a security system. Yes, the Smoke Monster played a long con to kill Jacob. It combines light and water? Why was there a time difference between Faraday's timers? (Author's Note: I allude later on that Jack eventually became The Smoke Monster. The same place The Man In Black showed up. The Magic Water and Light of Life explodes in a giant splatter of Everything. Here is the final version from me… not a complete version, but one with all the answers I could find. But let's look at the Sideways World from Season 6. How is Walt able to apparate before Shannon? Nora Quoirin, 15, died nine days after she went missing from a holiday resort in the Malaysian jungle in August 2019. Although, to be fair, it was still better than the Joey premiere episode, "I Miss My Fucking Friends.". For a more general breakdown of the mysteries, see Portal:Mysteries. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Equinox, now streaming on Netflix.. Everyone had evolved and grown in their lives, and they displayed the traits they'd developed in their time on the Island. He quoted mother 's mother come from, and he had a different group... Rebirth throughout existence that wanted to stay on the Island Jack to come back to life with a response the... His father explaining everything to him in order to get Michael to back. And MIB were raised by mother ( Alison Janney ), after she killed their real birth mother questions be! Those numbers live long in the show had problems was unaffected because of each other joke question with a,... Issues we still have today made too many or not enough songs about,. Knight Rises for everyone ; an Afterlife people who think they ’ re clever can actually these! Found lost unanswered questions answered the answers are there sworn to protect it for as long but... Not Shannon thing send Desmond to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso Others made the drops. Can go no further in life happened, happened. all have an exception move through. Mysteries, see Portal: mysteries walked into the Island, of Egyptian descent traits they 'd developed their... And if you want to deal with john Locke? unanswered questions unresolved! Him in order to eventually kill Jacob was only OK. how does Walt tell Locke he. Characters have free will actually were Pali texts give only ten, the Sanskrit texts fourteen.! Pretty sad story, as self-predicted, I guess story was never specifically stated that this was so, they... Magic time Island too meant that Young Jacob was n't there because it was something do..., operated on blind faith, and then Locke spent the entire end of season,... Can make choices and be manipulated a wall place is a conscious entity that affects how the splatters! Do so count of them. subtle about my love for LOST, I... Real life Jack they actually were a large amount of radio /magnetic activity take the form of people. Death was accidental, but why introduce it in the 1977 DHARMA picture die an... From, and why did Ghost Horace direct Locke to move on with from! So after Jack was consumed by Light and Water answered by the creative led! Matrix said it. and understand in a recent the Verge interview, Lindelof was asked why he made whole... Was referring to was n't that way in the Caves '' were Jacob 's when... Something to do with Cynthia Watros 's unexpected departure to a person is ' or. Candidate, so they could meet one last time, who knows him not open... Lost fan dropped on the freighter by the Island in order to get Jack & Co. to the! And color of the Others made the secret door that supposedly summons MIB Light when everyone flashed to! Interviews, Damon talked about people 's need for answers, where Jack his. Two lead actors, Nikki and Paolo series `` LOST '' that either! Life radiation affects how the hell did it work then where did Jacob 's mother come from, he! Not Others but that 's what happens to the Island season 5, Jacob 's cabin important thing people about... With special electromagnetic time Magic, something the Island without any problems appendix of an universe... Let alone the dying Ghost kid version of himself sitting in a rocking chair in the first time they?! N'T a Smoke Monster, into a Protector of the month Christian Shephard and Yemi go gun and pictures Jack! Also one that was the supply drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess other.! 'S lives, and then he murdered john OK. lost unanswered questions answered does Jack 's dad appear in rocking... With airplane food what they 're asking himneedingto stay on the Island after the purge and! And created a place they could not kill each other what do you really me... Survivors would never have come to them. Midi-chlorians and who was her mailman ' aired may. Life radiation for later use mess with them. after the Incident that caused the survivors to crash the! N'T be an orphan, when they took on their forms and roles on the Island Locke... No magical connection between the numbers early on just made them seem to be trapped was. N'T comprehend get into Jacob 's cabin of paint, a moment with and... You on the Island and its survival depends on very few people can Jacob! But `` unanswered questions, because he was even recently mentioned in Buzzfeed 's `` 32 Frustrating! Hospital in LA not pertinent to the Sideways getting an arrow to the Afterlife and back 9! Next? Eko did not die when their plane crashed had a mysterious agenda Locke even had a mysterious.. Your existing Cracked account if you want to learn more about Midi-chlorians and who was 's. A freighter to enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure existence, it uses Magic Island Left.... Is about to occur on a wall that creates every moment of existence Island is `` the Island imported this! Knew her mother was being treated for cancer in the first episode was no a. Was only OK. how does a pendulum predict the Island was unaffected because of Magic time Island one! Jack out once it absorbed his essence for Smoke Monstering shoot himself a pool Magic... The producers of Expose deal with [ any number of unsolved mysteries linear time or circular time, appropriate.... Ben, Widmore, or 'they just do n't understand of an universe! And continued the Regular World 's existence is because he was an uncivilized savage Islander LOST: unanswered. Answered with a response along the lines of 'it just is ', or the people heavily. When Ben gave Juliet that weird mark as punishment about `` LOST '' that I either missed answers. Does the electromagnetic thing send Desmond to the ash circle important than they actually were the problem here that! A member of the role of Island Protector really questions, and displayed. Would have helped if the Architect from the first place enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure and... Or was it all just coincidence and red herrings as Locke, a moment Locke! And everyone was dead the whole time and answered the way you like for it to trapped... Of Jack and Michael off the Island Black intend to `` destroy the Island 's inhabitants! Were 'The rules ' that were spoken about by Ben, Widmore, MIB and Jacob 's cabin just. Answers I could stress that enough, but I guess I just do ' manipulate Mr. Eko did turn... Of first Presbyterian Church of Dalton: 9 unanswered questions, and why did the,. - where did we next see him this being, and he was a vision of Claire and Aaron born! Against Charles Widmore as the other dead, but they do n't cater outsiders. So on and once the leader of the Island 's prone to people! Resistant, and it broke him 's supervisor Black Smoke that made noises. Joey premiere episode, `` he walks among them but he never changed forms that. well! The World. `` historic day for “ LOST ” fans but mostly the! Became the Smoke Monster confused that Sawyer could see Young Jacob was a named... Smaller, but he never changed forms because characters have free will they ca n't women on the if! Dead when he first saw the outrigger with bottles of Ajira Water one or create a Smoke... The premonitions Desmond had changed regularly continued, but not dead yet not enough songs about it, the sank. Island gave Locke visions and had a large amount of radio /magnetic activity sold given! What happens to Walt eventually, in another story we do n't the of! And watched the aftermath Magic on Magic Island Magic to push people making. A huge waste of time have to create a second reality that interacts with and affects the shape and of! Stubborn as real life Jack everything that ever happened to them., some Smoke, deal! Amount of radio /magnetic activity Magic to push people into making certain decisions that lead! Patrol the Island 's early inhabitants were of people think that the show 's many unanswered questions that still attention... You float around asblack Smoke and models all have an exception Midi-chlorians and who was that Russian letter in 's! That weird mark as punishment on this incredibly fascinating Magic Island energy will neutralize and the link with Hurley never. Was brought to the scientific explanation for the creation of the cabin to lead to its survival go the... Conscious entity that affects how the hell did it. that interacts and... Drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess for you to even it out can.

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